Friday, October 30, 2009

RS: Macklin Tower Ramp, Montgomery College-Rockville, Southward View


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  1. Alex it was lovely meeting you at Occupy DC. This is Denise, we talked at the GA and I encouraged you to go up and give your suggestion of having the Occupy site display artists' paintings and take a share of the sale price. I thought it was a brilliant idea (with one exception) and will be putting that very same idea to the Occupy Worcester MA and Occupy Boston site. The only part that needs to be different to your process, is that no money changes hands on the Occupy site. I think that would be a total "no-no". However they should be able to trade something else they may need in terms of food, clothing, blankets, etc. A sticker with the artist's phone number or email address can appear by the painting and be the link between the buyer and seller without needing a middleman and it avoids any possibility of corruption on an Occupy site. I'm enjoying your art and think the word Dystopia is very apt. I have a website also and I like to have the work of artists posted (amongst many other things). I do have about three or four artists ready to post but I'm usually too busy and the website is new to me, I'm still learning how to use it. I would like your art blog to appear on my website. Of course your contact details should be available Alex so that you can further sell your work. Take a look at the site and if you think it is worthy, let me know and I'll have you up there!