Sunday, June 12, 2011

Early Mother's Day Celebration

Early Mother's Day Celebration, Panera Bread, Federal Plaza; 5/11, watercolor, part of the "Splendors of Rockville" series

Friday, March 4, 2011

Quasi-Oriental Garden

Parking Lot Islet with Quasi-Oriental Garden, Federal Plaza, September, 2010, watercolor

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outdoor Preacher, Westward Approach to Macklin Tower

Outdoor Preacher, Westward Approach to Macklin Tower, Montgomery College, Rockville Campus

Southward View from the Art Building

Southward View from the Art Building, Montgomery College, Rockville Campus

RS: Eastward View from the Macklin Tower Ramp

Eastward View from the Macklin Tower Ramp, Montgomery College- Rockville Campus, Rockville, MD

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

RS: Montgomery College-Rockville Campus, Northward View

Montgomery College-Rockville Campus, Northward View, 2009, Watercolor

RS: Outdoor Pool, Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Northward View

Outdoor Pool, Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Northward View

RS: Federal Plaza, Northward View

Federal Plaza, Northward View, 2009, watercolor

RS: Talbott Center, Southward View

Talbott Center, Southward View, 2009, Watercolor

RS: Montgomery-College, Rockville Campus, Southward View

Montgomery College, Rockville Campus, Southward View

RS: Mid-Pike Plaza-Northward View

Mid-Pike Plaza- Northward View, 2009, Watercolor

I began the "Splendors of Rockville" Series in August of 2009 as a visual commentary on life in the suburbs.

The images are incomplete, unfortunately, becaue my scanner is not large enough to handle an 11" X 17" image.

Oilspot #50-51

2009 Watercolors:
OS50, OS51

Oilspot #43, 47-49

2009 Watercolors:
OS43, OS47
OS48, OS49

Oilspots #38-40, 44

2009 Watercolors:
OS38, OS39
OS40, OS44

Oilspots #33,34,36,37

OS33 (2008), OS34 (2009)
OS36 (2009), OS37 (2009)

Oilspots #21,22,28,31

OS 21 (2008), OS22 (2008)
OS 28 (2008, OS 31 (2008)
All of my paintings are 11" X 17."

Oilspot Paintings #12, 15-17

OS12 (2008),
OS12 (2008), OS15 (2008)
OS 16 (2008), OS17 (2008)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oilspot #1

Early on, I decided that the Oilspot Series would be comprised of "system paintings."

As a system painter, I view graphic works of art as systematic documentations of context. A painting manifests the overall general context of its creation and being, comprising the contextual elements affecting its creator, process of creation, audience, and external circumstances of its later existence. It is a systematic documentation in that it represents a combination of rules determined by its creator, mediated by circumstances impinging upon the process of its creation, and finally influenced by the interpretive dynamics of its audience, which largely determine the quality and longevity of its survival as a documentary image. Hence, each individual perception of the image constitutes a momentary intersection of all of these contextual variables.

Rules mandated by the creator-artist for composing his systematic documentation may range from simple and straightforward (such as: “all straight lines in this painting will be red and face upward”), to complex and oblique (i.e.:“I wish to incorporate paradox by using bright pastel shades to represent my feeling of melancholic angst”). However, consistency of expression is best preserved through a planned amalgamation of simple rules, rather than attempting to incorporate the more complex image constructs of the social persona, which, in any case, represent unchosen, pre-ordained combinations of simple rules.


OS1 (2006), OS2 (2006),
OS7 (2008) & OS10 (2008)

Man on the Edge

Man on the Edge, 1999, Watercolor

Artist ISO Gallery/Buyers.

Welcome to my gallery, showcasing the Splendors of Rockville, Maryland: a group of paintings by Alex Rogolsky (the "man on the edge," above), comprising: the Oilspot Series, a group of abstracts inspired by my having seen an oilspot on asphalt in a parking lot, and the Splendors of Rockville- scenes from the daily life of our dynamic community.

Please e-mail me at if you are interested in my work.